• He Also Spoke as a Jew

    He Also Spoke as a Jew

    from £19.95

    The Life of the Reverend James Parkes

    Chertok, Haim

    This exhaustive, full-scale biography of the twentieth century's most dedicated Gentile fighter against antisemitism is a key resource for those who would like to learn more of Parkes the man and his work in reconciling Christianity and Judaism. Virtually alone among Christians, James...

  • Helping With Inquiries

    Helping With Inquiries


    An Autobiography

    Jacobs, Louis

    This autobiography of one of the world's leading Jewish religious thinkers and teachers, and the central participant in the dramatic 'Jacobs affair', begins with his early boyhood in a poor district of Manchester. The story covers his student life at Gateshead and London University, his trips...

  • Hermann Adler

    Hermann Adler


    The King's Chief Rabbi
    Taylor, Derek 
    With a foreword by Lord Jacob Rothschild, OM

    Hermann Adler contributed enormously as Chief Rabbi to the Jewish community in the UK and beyond.
    From the Foreword by Lord Jacob Rothschild, OM

    When Chief Rabbi Adler died in 1911, his friend, Sir Adolph Tuck wrote: ‘The fame of...

  • In Kindling Flame

    In Kindling Flame


    The Story of Hannah Senesh 1921-1944 [Second Edition]

    Atkinson, Linda

    Winner of the National Jewish Book Award when it was first published in 1985, In Kindling Flame tells the impassioned story of a young woman who left Europe for Palestine in 1939, when she was just 18, but returned five years later...

  • Intrepid Pioneers

    Intrepid Pioneers


    Jewish Women in the Public Arena
    Seddon, Isabelle

    It is to Isabelle Seddon’s great credit that she marks the contributions of the early pioneers, as well as those who have done sterling work in more recent years.
    Rabbi Dame Julia Neuberger

    Here Isabelle Seddon reveals the astonishing contributions made by British born...

  • Jewish Nobel Prize Winners

    Jewish Nobel Prize Winners


    Taylor, Derek

    With a Foreword by Theresa May, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

    Jews make up 0.2% of the worlds' population, yet they have won over 20% of the Nobel prizes – 204 in total out of around 900 awarded since the first Laureates at the start of the...

  • Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War - Updated

    Jewish Participation in the Fire Service in the Second World War - Updated


    Last Voices
    Sugarman, Martin

    Here for the first time is the account of the essential part played by Jewish personnel in the Fire Service in the Second World War.  

    Ever civic minded, Jews from all social backgrounds were pre-war volunteers to be trained for...

  • Jolson



    The Story of Al Jolson

    Freedland, Michael

    Al Jolson, celebrated star of the world's first 'talking picture' and self-proclaimed World's Greatest Entertainer, blazed many trails through show business - and today his name still conjures up the glamour of Broadway and the silver screen. This is the definitive biography of a man...

  • King of Children

    King of Children


    The Life and Death of Janusz Korczak

    Lifton, Betty

    This is the tragic story of Janusz Korczak (as featured in the major motion picture The Zookeeper's Wife) who chose to perish in Treblinka rather than abandon the Jewish orphans in his care. Korczak comes alive in this acclaimed biography by Betty Jean...

  • Leslie Howard

    Leslie Howard


    The Lost Actor (Revised Second Edition)

    Eforgan, Estel

    Leslie Howard's career as a Hollywood star and his ambitions for the British film industry were well known. He contributed substantially to cinema history, having been featured in Gone With the Wind, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Pygmalion, and others. But, behind his charm was a...