Parkes-Wiener Library

  • Alfred Wiener and the Making of the Holocaust Library

    Alfred Wiener and the Making of the Holocaust Library


    Barkow, Ben

    A catalogue of the suffering inflicted upon the the Jewish people was already in its 10th year of compilation by the time the Nazis held the Wannsee conference in 1942. This book tells how the Holocaust Library began.

    210 pages

    Copyright: 3/24/1997

  • Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times

    Anglo-Jewry in Changing Times

    from £19.95

    Studies in Diversity, 1840-1914

    Finestein, Israel

    300 pages

    Copyright: 3/30/1999

  • Berlin Haskalah and German Religious Thought

    Berlin Haskalah and German Religious Thought


    Orphans of Knowledge

    Sorkin, David

    189 pages

    Copyright: 11/29/1999

  • Berlin to London

    Berlin to London


    An Emotional History of Two Refugees
    Saraga, Esther
    Foreword by Tony Kushner

    Esther Saraga tells a touching and disturbing story of her parents’ emigration from Germany and their lives in Britain during and after the war. She questions whether ‘gratitude’ to Britain was the emotion most expected of them, and she...

  • Campaigner Against Antisemitism

    Campaigner Against Antisemitism

    from £19.95

    The Reverend James Parkes 1896-1981

    Richmond, Colin

    James Parkes, Anglican priest and religious philosopher, cried out to an unheeding Church about the fate threatening the Jews of Europe. When it failed to respond in the measure he sought, he concentrated his energies on combating anti-Semitism in Christian teaching and reaching out in...

  • Claude Montefiore

    Claude Montefiore

    from £18.95

    His Life and Thought

    Langton, Daniel

    As a revered scholar, philanthropist and spiritual authority, Claude Montefiore belongs to that important group of learned laymen who have sought to revolutionise Judaism. He was a founder of British Liberal Judaism at the turn of the century, considered to be the most original Anglo-Jewish religious...

  • Cultures of Ambivalence and Contempt

    Cultures of Ambivalence and Contempt

    from £18.95

    Studies in Jewish and Non-Jewish Relations

    Edited by: Jones, Sian; Pearce, Sarah

    336 pages

    Copyright: 12/24/1997

  • Disraelis Jewishness

    Disraelis Jewishness

    from £18.95

    Edited by: Endelman, Todd; Kushner, Tony

    The subject of Disraeli's jewishness was one that obsessed contemporaries but was subsequently downplayed by historians and others until very recently. The essays in this volume provide a new perspective, stressing the importance of Disraeli's Jewishness in the construction of his personality, ideology and politics...

  • Double Jeopardy

    Double Jeopardy


    Gender and the Holocaust

    Baumel, Judith

    This volume contains a collection of essays examining the Holocaust from the perspective of gender. The book is divided into seven sections, each focusing on a different aspect of the discourse between gender and identity. Following a historical introduction delineating the basic framework for understanding women's...

  • Forging Modern Jewish Identities

    Forging Modern Jewish Identities

    from £18.95

    Public Faces and Private Struggles

    Edited by: Berkowitz, Michael; Bloom, Sam; Tananbaum, Susan

    Forging Modern Jewish Identities illuminates facets of modern Jewish identity through engagement with diverse historical moments, political and social currents and literature as an aspect of popular culture. This volume is distinctive, and it can be enjoyed by the...