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  • Journey Through Darkness

    Journey Through Darkness


    Monowitz, Auschwitz, Gross-Rosen, Buchenwald

    Berler, Willy

    The story of Willy Berler's 'Journey through Darkness' opens with the attack on the 20th Belgian convoy from Mechelen to Auschwitz, an extraordinary act of resistance. His tale then relates the arrival at Monowitz, his fortuitous transfer to the main camp of Auschwitz, and the story...

  • Lessons In Fear

    Lessons In Fear


    Vogler, Henryk

    Lessons in Fear and people's response to them are the subject of Vogler's ten stories set in, and in the shadow of, the labour camps of the Second World War. Vogler, himself a victim of the camps, conveys with poetic accuracy the touch, smell and taste of fear in...

  • Let him Go

    Let him Go


    A Danish Child in Ravensbrück and Theresienstadt
    Katznelson, Ib

    2nd Editon

    Ib Katznelson has written a remarkable and important book. Over the years I've probably read dozens of survivor accounts, if not hundreds. This one has impressed me as few others have. . Because the writing is calm and...

  • Life



    A Temporary Title

    Amiel, Irit

    Born in 1931 to a secular Jewish family in Poland, Irit Amiel grew up in the city of Czestochowa with its significant Jewish community of 30,000. She survived the Second World War having escaped from the ghetto and living under false Aryan papers, in various...

  • Life Strictly Forbidden

    Life Strictly Forbidden


    Marianowicz, Antoni

    Life Strictly Forbidden is the memoirs of the well-known Polish writer, Antoni Marianowicz, told partly through interviews with journalist Hanna Baltyn, and partly through personal recollections of his family before the War and during the Occupation. The honest, in-depth conversations with Baltyn create a unique picture of the formative...

  • Like Leaves in the Wind

    Like Leaves in the Wind


    Blumstein, Rita Blattberg

    This is the story of Rita Blattberg, a Jewish child from Krakow, from when the Germans invade Poland in 1939, to her deportation to the Soviet Union. It documents her time there and the colourful cast of characters that she met before returning to a hometown inhabited by...

  • Little House on Mount Carmel

    Little House on Mount Carmel


    Blumstein, Alexandre

    422 pages

    Copyright: 11/6/2002

  • Memoirs from Occupied Warsaw 1940-1945

    Memoirs from Occupied Warsaw 1940-1945


    Szereszewska, Helena

    Copyright: 7/17/1997

  • My Heart in A Suitcase

    My Heart in A Suitcase


    Fox, Anne

    This is the story of a child, uprooted from a loving and protected home, who was sent to strangers in a strange country to fend for herself. In this memoir, Anne L. Fox has written about her childhood in Nazi Germany and her subsequent departure to England with the...

  • My Hometown Concentration Camp

    My Hometown Concentration Camp


    A Survivor's Account of Life in the Krakow Ghetto and Plaszow Concentration Camp

    Jacobs, Norman; Offen, Bernard

    My Hometown Concentration Camp tells the story of the young Bernard Offen's endurance and survival of the Krak?w Ghetto and five concentration camps, including Plasz?w and Auschwitz-Birkenau, until his liberation near Dachau by American troops...