• Stafford Cripps in Moscow 1940-1942

    Stafford Cripps in Moscow 1940-1942


    Diaries and Papers

    Gorodetsky, Gabriel

    A country gentleman, Sir Stafford Cripps - ascetic, vegetarian, and a devout Christian with a lucrative career at the bar - cut an incongruous figure in British politics of the 1930s. By the time war broke out, his position among Labour's most radical backbenchers had made him...

  • Taming the Middle Eastern Elephant

    Taming the Middle Eastern Elephant

    from £16.95

    Confronting Antisemitism in the Arab–Israeli Conflict

    Stone, David H.

    David Stone’s masterful account exposes how the root cause of the Arab-Israeli conflict lies in a continuing and virulent antisemitism cloaked in anti-Zionism. A depressing but essential message that deserves to be widely read,...

  • The Arab Cocoon

    The Arab Cocoon

    from £16.99

    Progress and Modernity in Arab Societies

    Heggy, Tarek

    In The Arab Cocoon, author Tarek Heggy explores the reasons behind the widespread refusal of Arabic-speaking societies to join in the march towards modernity and progress. The refusal, according to Heggy, is due to three constraints, namely: (1) a widespread anti-modernity and anti-integration religious...

  • The Arab Mind Bound

    The Arab Mind Bound


    Heggy, Tarek

    The Arab Mind Bound proposes that Arab culture has been stifled by two major problems. The first is that of religion misinterpreted. Islam has come to be seen and propagated as a religion of violence, while in reality this violence is merely the result of a single interpretation...

  • The Champagne Spy

    The Champagne Spy


    Israel’s Man in Egypt
    Lotz, Wolfgang 

    The true story of Wolfgang Lotz, nicknamed The Champagne Spy by his handler. His story bears a striking similarity to that of Eli Cohen, portrayed by Sasha Baron Cohen in Netflix’s The Spy.

    As a top...

  • The Journey to the Arab Spring

    The Journey to the Arab Spring


    The Ideological Roots of the Middle East Upheaval in Arab Liberal Thought

    Govrin, David

    This book analyzes the roots of the ideological discourse among distinguished Arab intellectuals and liberals regarding political reforms and democratization processes in the Arab states during the three decades that preceded the 'Arab Spring.' It fills a void...

  • The Long March to the West

    The Long March to the West

    from £20.00

    Twenty-First Century Migration in Europe and the Greater Mediterranean Area

    Edited by: Korinman, Michel; Laughland, John

    This second book in the series Geopolitical Affairs concentrates on migration in the twenty-first century. Migration will be one of the biggest issues in world geopolitics in the years to come. Huge population flows are one...

  • The Next War between Israel and Egypt

    The Next War between Israel and Egypt


    Examining a High-intensity War between Two of the Strongest Militaries in the Middle East

    Eilam, Ehud

    Based on an insider's knowledge of weaponry and of actual Israeli and Egyptian battle strategies, this book examines how two of the strongest regional militaries would likely fight a high intensity war in the Middle East....

  • The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism in Europe

    The Spread of Islamikaze Terrorism in Europe


    The Third Islamic Invasion

    Israeli, Raphael

    Here the outspoken academic Raphael Israeli deals with radical Islam's attempt to gain a solid foothold on the European continent through immigration (legal and illegal) and political refugee status, all calculated to expand the influence of Islam by taking advantage of the Western liberal and democratic...

  • Through the Eyes of the Mufti

    Through the Eyes of the Mufti


    The Essays of Haj Amin, Translated and Annotated

    Edited by: Elpeleg, Zvi

    Mufti Haj Amin al-Husayni had no chance of prevailing against the well-organized Zionist movement with its international support. The Palestinian Party that he headed after the First World War was split, conflicted and rife with corruption. In particular, it was...