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  • Judaism and Homosexuality

    Judaism and Homosexuality

    from £18.95

    An Authentic Orthodox View

    Rapoport, Rabbi Chaim

    In light of modern changes in attitude regarding homosexuality, and recent controversy surrounding Government legislation, Orthodox Rabbi Chaim Rapoport, Chief Medical Advisor in the Cabinet of the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, explores the Jewish stance on homosexuality. Rabbi Rapoport combines an...

  • Judaism and Theology

    Judaism and Theology

    from £17.95

    Essays on the Jewish Religion

    Jacobs, Louis

    Addresses some of the most burning questions but also provides surveys of contemporary Jewish religious life in the various communities and of the attitudes of Jewish thinkers to other religious faiths. For the first time a comprehensive account of Halakhic attitudes towards Christianity is presented....

  • Rabbi Sacks and the Community We Built Together

    Rabbi Sacks and the Community We Built Together


    The United Synagogue

    Family and colleagues of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks from the UK as well as team members from his tenure as Chief Rabbi have joined to produce a new book of many original articles, photos, stories and Torah teaching to pay their tribute to...

  • Rabbinic Thought in the Talmud

    Rabbinic Thought in the Talmud

    from £17.95

    Jacobs, Louis

    Provides four detailed understandings of the nature and scope of the Babylonian Talmud, outlining the state-of-the-art studies of the subject as well as some problems still awaiting solution, such as who were the actual editors of the Bavli and how they went about their work. This is followed by...

  • Secular Judaism

    Secular Judaism


    Faith, Values and Spirituality

    Malkin, Yaakov

    The majority of Jews throughout the world are secular. However, few can define their secular beliefs. Secular Judaism: Faith, Values, and Spirituality attempts to articulate these beliefs and the practice of Secular Judaism. It discusses Secular Humanist values, Judaism as Culture and examines Judaism as both...

  • Seeker of Unity

    Seeker of Unity


    The Life and Works of Aaron of Starosselje

    Jacobs, Louis

    This book deals with the life and thought of an original but neglected religious thinker who, perhaps more than any other in the history of Jewish thought, grappled with the problems inherent in the idea of God's unity. Rabbi Aaron Horowitz is...

  • Siddur Shevet Asher

    Siddur Shevet Asher


    The Tribe Siddur for Children and Families

    Edited by: Tribe: The Young United Synagogue,

    This siddur (Jewish daily prayer book) - in Hebrew text with English notations - is written for children ages 8-12. Each religious service and section of prayer in the siddur is now color coded. Symbols throughout will...

  • Signposts to the Messianic Age

    Signposts to the Messianic Age


    Rayner, John

    This collection, mainly of more recent sermons and lectures is a summation of the author's life as a preacher and teacher. It is now offered to a wider public than the relatively small audiences to which they were originally addressed. If there is a common thread that runs through...

  • Studies in Jewish Theology

    Studies in Jewish Theology

    from £19.95

    Reflections in the Mirror of Tradition

    Sherwin, Byron

    Studies in Jewish Theology invites the reader into the 'laboratory' of a Jewish theologian as he confronts visceral issues that have confronted classical Jewish theology and that continue to challenge contemporary Jewish theological inquiry. After offering an exposition of the nature of Jewish theology...

  • Ten Chief Rabbis

    Ten Chief Rabbis


    Their Lives Illustrated with Artefacts from the Private Collection of Professor David Latchman
    The United Synagogue

    This unique insight into the lives of the previous Chief Rabbis, both scholarly yet accessible, has been made possible through the writing and, even more so,...