Arnold Ziff

The Making of a Great Yorkshireman

Watson, Nigel

The life of Arnold Ziff is the story of one of Yorkshire's most successful businessmen. He floated his property company at the height of the post-war property boom, making him a fortune. His triumphant takeover of Barratts provided the backbone for one of today's few remaining independent retail shoe businesses, and through the development of the Merrion Centre he played a pivotal role in the post-war revival and redevelopment of Leeds. He never forgot the debt he and his family owed to Leeds, and the gifts stemming from his gratitude touched many of its institutions and inhabitants. He could be a difficult man, but he was also charming and generous. His family was all-important, and this included not just relatives but also those whom he dealt with in his many other activities. Above all, it is his humanity which shines throughout this book.

194 pages

Copyright: 11/1/2005