• Just Like It Was

    Just Like It Was


    Memoirs of the Mittel East

    Copyright: 1/1/1974

  • Lithuanian Hasidism

    Lithuanian Hasidism


    Copyright: 1/1/1970

  • Marks of Distinction

    Marks of Distinction


    The Memoirs of Elain Blond

    Copyright: 11/15/1988

  • Moments of Insight

    Moments of Insight


    Biblical and Contemporary Jewish Themes

    Copyright: 6/1/1989

  • My Child is Back

    My Child is Back


    Pawel, Ursula

    In this work, the author relates her experiences in Germany from her birth in 1926 to the start of a new life in the US after the World War II. Her father was a Jew, her mother a Christian, and although their marriage shocked some relatives, such mixed marriages...

  • My Life With Ishmael

    My Life With Ishmael


    Copyright: 1/1/1970

  • My Own Vineyard

    My Own Vineyard


    Akavia, Miriam

    This rich novel, in the best tradition of family sagas, tells the story of three generations of a Jewish family in Krakow from the beginning of the twentieth century to the eve of the German occupation of Poland in September 1939. The story of this large, middle-class Jewish family...

  • On the Other Hand

    On the Other Hand


    Bermant, Chaim

    Chaim Bermant was The Jewish Chronicle's main opinion columnist for nearly forty years, until his death in 1998. He covered all aspects of Jewish life in his weekly column 'On the Other Hand', and his witty, wise and thought-provoking chronicling of Jewish life and concerns through the pages of...

  • On the Track of Tyranny

    On the Track of Tyranny


    Copyright: 1/1/1960

  • One More River

    One More River


    Copyright: 1/1/1973