• The Jews of Poznan

    The Jews of Poznan


    Pakula, Zbigniew

    The Holocaust swept away the centuries-old Jewish community of Pozna? in western Poland. Zbigniew Pakula traces the history of that community, its institutions, and its response to crucial but little-known events like the expulsion of Polish Jews from Germany in 1938. The Jews of Pozna? however, is not only...

  • The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders

    The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders


    Media and Conflict in Israel

    Caspi, Dan; Kabha, Mustafa

    Why has the Israeli government tried to control the Arab media in Israel? What was the purpose of this and how has the Arabic press begun to liberate itself? The Palestinian Arab In/Outsiders offers an integrated historical-sociological study of the Palestinian press within...

  • The Samson Riddle

    The Samson Riddle


    An Essay and A Play, with the Text of the Original

    Copyright: 1/1/1972

  • The Sand and the Stars

    The Sand and the Stars


    The Story of Jewish People

    Copyright: 10/23/1975

  • The Sephardi Story

    The Sephardi Story

    from £14.50

    A Celebration of Jewish History

    Copyright: 10/1/1991

  • The Story of Moses Mendelssohn

    The Story of Moses Mendelssohn


    Copyright: 1/1/1960

  • The Story of the Selvino Children

    The Story of the Selvino Children


    Journey to the Promised Land

    Megged, Aharon

    Fundamentally a documentary, Selvino's Children describes the story of the rehabilitation of 800 Jewish children, Holocaust survivors, in the first few years after the Second Word War in a small town near Milano-Selvino. There, Jewish-Palestinian soldiers, with the help of committed and well-wishing Italians, built...

  • The Synagogues of London

    The Synagogues of London


    Copyright: 1/1/1993

  • The Timely and the Timeless

    The Timely and the Timeless


    Jews, Judaism and Society in A Storm-Tossed Decade

    Copyright: 3/1/1977

  • The View From Damascus

    The View From Damascus


    State, Political Community and Foreign Relations in Twentieth-Century Syria

    Rabinovich, Itamar

    Sheds new light on the recent history and current politics and policies of this important Middle Eastern country. Throughout the last hundred years Syria has been a crucial hub of Middle Eastern events: the birth place and 'pulsating heart' of Arab...